Friday, March 19, 2010

Samsung and the Korean Folk Village

Happy Friday!

Today we visited a training facility for Samsung where we learned all about their company and it’s training programs. It was an absolutely beautiful facility located in the mountains about an hour south of Seoul. Samsung itself was created in 1938 in Dae-Ku, Korea. People come first at Samsung and its motto is “A Company is its People.” Currently, Samsung has 272,000 employees around the world; 35% of which are foreign. Samsung has 465 offices in 70 countries worldwide. Because of Samsung’s reputation of being good to their employees, there is a book available to job-searches on how to get hired by Samsung. It’s been on the best-sellers list! One of the very unique benefits that Samsung offers its employees is the Samsung Summer Festival which takes place every June. The festival celebrates the 1 year anniversary of each new cohort of employees. As many as 10,000 employees participate in the 3-day long festival honoring the roughly 7,200 new hires. Here are some photos taken during our visit.

Next we visited a historic Korean Folk Village. This village gives tourists an idea of what Korean living used to look like years ago. Visitors can tour traditional houses and really get a sense of what the culture was like. We were also able to witness a drum performance while we were there.

Our visit to Samsung and the Korean Folk Village conclude our itinerary of scheduled events. Tomorrow is Saturday and marks our last full day in Seoul. Many of us plan to sightsee and visit some traditional markets.

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